The greatest music celebrity tweets of 2016


From the political to the mundane to the outright weird, Twitter can give you a sense of everything that went on in a through the ramblings of the world’s most followed.

Let a musician out of the recording studio and they just can’t get enough of constantly sharing their innermost thoughts to the world, even if it’s through the most basic of memes or the most self-indulgent of selfies.

On Twitter you can be anything you want to be. Comedian. Commentator. Critic. Life Coach. With an infinite audience, your wildest thoughts might be retweeted a quarter of a million times, like @kimkardashian, or a tragic 29 even for the greatest joke you’ve seen all year, @blaenavon. Mariah Carey kept the torch of divadom alive, Skrillex rode a horse, and Cher compared Trump to vomit. What a time to be alive.

In 2016, we learned there’s always someone having more fun than you:


Others were #relatable:


Jaden Smith wrote every status like a listicle title:

Political turmoil inspired a new generation of cultural commentators:


There were highbrow debates on the rise of populism:

Yoko Ono congratulated the new presidential elect:

Kanye stood up to the critics:

The selfie generation’s narcissism got out of hand:

The 1976 made waves in the fashion world:

Stranger Things was everywhere:

The Brits were riveting:

There were sofa cynics:

Mariah Carey was #Blessed:

We had identity crises:

Or, not:

But at least we can look forward to 2017.


By Perdi Higgs and Ellen Peirson-Hagger