Grimes And Hana’s Seven Videos Are Our New Friendship Goals

If you followed Grimes’ AC!D Reign tour earlier this year, chances are you also encountered her touring partner Hana, an electronic musician from Montana who’s also got Lana Del Rey and Lorde behind her. Since Hana joined Grimes as a support act, they’ve created a hilarious joint Instagram account called @trashique2, filled with random inside jokes and weird tour moments, and yesterday evening (October 5) they unveiled seven new music videos shot together, which they directed and edited, and which were filmed by Grimes’ brother Mac Boucher in two weeks while they were touring Europe. Watch them and you’ll probably want to be their friend.


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The videos for Hana’s three tracks – taken from her 2016 ‘HANA’ EP – are slow-moving, beautifully shot interludes with plenty of hair-flicking. Grimes’ four – for ‘Butterfly’, ‘Belly of the Beat’, ‘Scream’ and ‘World Princess Part II’ – all feature Hana, and Grimes’ brilliant touring dancers Alyson Van and Linda Davis also make an appearance. Each clip has wildly different costumes and wigs, castles, bridges, crowd shots, retro graphics and more, and they’re all shot on amazing locations throughout Europe, from London to Rome. ‘Scream’ even gives us a subtitled translation of Taiwanese artist Aristophanes’ Mandarin rap in full, as Grimes and her sit astride a bright blue motorbike. Prepare yourself for 38 minutes of friendship goals.