Grown Men Remix James Yuill – Free MP3

Al Doyle and Felix Martin took a break from giant laser-shooting heads and boyband dance battles with Hot Chip to form a spinoff DJ/Production team called “Grown Men”. Their latest project, a remix of James Yuill’s latest single ‘Crying For Hollywood’, is available for a free download right here on

James Yuill

While Yuill has always performed live, he’s recently taken an interest in DJing. To kick off his electro side, he’s releasing a five-track remix package of the single, which includes this Grown Men remix, as well as contributions from D*Note, Shir Khan and worriedaboutsatan.


‘Crying For Hollywood’ is from Yuill’s latest album ‘Movement In A Storm’ (out now through Moshi Moshi). He’s currently supporting Fench Soler on their UK tour, with a show at London’s KOKO this Thursday (March 31).

Download James Yuill’s ‘Crying For Hollywood’ (Grown Men Remix) now

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