Gruff Rhys Has Written A Song That Serenades The EU And Celebrates Baguettes

The Brexit debate rumbles on – and now Super Furry Animals man Gruff Rhys has thrown his hat in the ring. When the referendum rolls around on June 23, should Britain stay in the EU or vote out? You’re welcome to make up your own mind. Democracy ‘n’ that.

Well, perhaps you’ll be persuaded by this sweet ditty, whose lyrics imagine the European Union as a “a woman of ideals” who has opened the singer’s mind in countless and invaluable ways. “When I met you,” he croons, “I never tasted pasta or baguette… I love EU / You liberated me from pie and mash.”


Steady on, Gruff. We all love the Union, but let’s not go bad-mouthing pie and mash. That way madness lies.

Anyway, the musician has explained the ideology behind the song in a supporting blog post for The Guardian. Using an extended metaphor, he likens the European Union to a banging nightclub that books all your favourites artists night after night. “Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder and Black Box are all playing,” he writes. “Abba, Brigitte Fontaine and Can and are on tomorrow. Sade, Stereolab, New Order and Technotronic play Sunday afternoon, while Andy Votel and Mina Minerva are preparing a season of Baltic electro for next month. Picasso is on visuals. Ibiza is the outdoor section, where the smokers and vapers seem to congregate.”

Shit, that sounds like the best thing ever!

Rhys does admit the EU – sorry, banging club – isn’t perfect (“there are bullshit VIP rooms where our elected representatives are not let in”, for example) but on the whole this is a tub-thumping cry in its favour. The song’s “available via all the usual online platforms” tomorrow. EU’ll love it.


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