Guitarmaggedon – Free Virgins MP3

There’s this band from Brooklyn called The Virgins, and they’re a bunch of hipster scene fools. But there’s this band from Florida who go by the vastly different name of Virgins. Guess which are better? Clue: one of them came from the ashes of New Mexican Disaster Squad. And NMDS were mega.



They’re a raspy-throated bar-room fight of a band, all ungraciously struck power chords and songs that sound like they were scrawled on the back of a napkin that was used to wipe flecks of vomit from the singer’s lips. Nice, eh? This is music to crank on really loud when you’re flailing about drunk as all hell – it’s old school punk rock’n’roll in the best way.

Plus, they’ve got a song called ‘Guitarmaggedon’ which you can download for free below – and that’s awesome for about a dozen different reasons.

They’re visiting these shores next month (dates below), and you could do a lot worse than downloading the below MP3, rocking out for a bit and then going to a show.

April 30 – Lemington Spa @ Robbins Well
May 1 – Norwich @ The Marquee
May 2 – Wakefield @ TBA
May 3 – Newcastle @ The Coppergate
May 4 – Leeds @ The Packhorse
May 5 – Liverpool @ TBA
May 6 – Swansea @ Bar Sigma
May 7 – Exeter @ The Cavern
May 8 – Southhampton @ UNIT
May 9 – Penryn (just outside Falmouth) @ Miss Peapod’s
May 10 – London @ Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
May 11 – Birmingham @ The Flapper
May 12 – Bristol @ Junction
May 13 – Kingston @ The Fighting Cocks

Download Virgins‘ ‘Guitarmaggedon’ here

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