This YouTuber did a massive guitar remix of Rick and Morty’s ‘Get Schwifty’

Good job!

It’s time to get even more schwifty than usual. We’ve all been loving season three of Rick and Morty, the Adult Swim cartoon that follows the interdimensional adventures of a feckless mad scientist (Rick) and his gullible grandson (Morty). And now one of the show’s most memorable moments has received a makeover, thanks to one fast-fingered fan on Reddit.

You might remember ‘Get Schwifty’, a particularly great episode from season two of the grown-up cartoon. An alien demands that the hapless duo perform a song, so they enlist the help of Ice T (obviously) to create the track from which the episode takes its title. It’s a light funk number in which Rick implores the listener to “take off your pants and your panties” and “take a shit on the floor” because it’s “time to get schwifty in here”.


If you though that song banged, which you obviously did, here’s even more good news: a YouTuber named Michael Mac has laid a live guitar track over the top, turning the song into a buzzing electro-clash behemoth, the likes of which we’ve not seen since The Rapture hung up their cowbells. One YouTuber user was even moved to comment: “This is amazing! just shared it on the rick and morty subreddit.” Fame at last!

Season three has been such a smash that has even impacted the biggest fast-food franchise in the world. In one new episode, Rick explained that he longed to convince McDonald’s to bring back Szechuan sauce, which the franchise briefly released as a promotion for the 1998 movie Mulan. In response, Ronald McDonald and co. sent the show’s creator, Justin Roiland, a great big jug of Szechuan sauce.

We like to think that, right now, Justin is pouring out a little of the sauce while enjoying this batshit remix guitar remix of Get Schwifty. Bottoms up!

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