Gwendoline Christie’s Chewbacca impression is gold

Press junkets for major films can often result in some hilariously awkward moments with cranky film stars, understandable given the marathon length of them. Being asked to do impressions of your cast members might well be that one last thing that tips a wearied actor over the edge, so it’s to Gwendoline Christie’s credit that when she was asked to a Chewbacca impersonation during an interview for Collider that she gave it her very best shot.

To begin with she’s just sounding it out but by the fifth attempt she’s almost nailed it. Christie plays the chrome-armoured storm trooper Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Chewbacca impersonation is now well on its way to becoming the test all the film’s cast are being subjected too. See nearly all of the cast run the Chewbacca gauntlet on the red carpet below in a video for Buzzfeed.