Haim’s 5 Current Obsessions

Last week LA sisters Haim cooked up a storm in the UK, playing a host of gigs across the country, and ending their visit by joining the likes of Florence & The Machine, Madonna and Beyoncé onstage at the Chime For Change event in Twickenham Stadium. Throughout the week the girls were typically vocal and on form wherever they went. But would they escape the clutches of the NME before leaving the country? I discovered their 5 current obsessions.


So Haim, it’s time to make a declaration: Who is your ultimate favourite boyband?

Danielle/Este/Alana: “*NSYNC!”


Danielle: “Actually, I was going to say Backstreet Boys for a minute but…”

Alana [interrupting]: “Woah there, you are out of the band! I loved *NSYNC songs way more than Backstreet. Nothing can top ‘Bye Bye Bye’.”

Este: “We can do all the moves to that video too [demonstrates].”


2 Lil B’s Twitter account
Alana, as an NME Award winning Twitter person, which Twitter account do you most recommend?

Alana: “@Babyhaim! Actually no, @LILBTHEBASEGOD is good and also Tyler, The Creator’s Twitter.”


Este: “Steve Martin To Go is hilarious. Love love love him.”

3 The film ‘Selena’ starring Jennifer Lopez
Is there a particular film that you can all enjoy peacefully together while on tour?

Alana: “Goonies or Selena.”

Danielle: “Oh my god, Selena is so sad though.”

Alana: “That movie never gets old.”

Danielle: “It’s just far too sad for me.”

Alana: “I shut it off before the end. I can’t take it.”

Este: “The second that song comes on [starts singing from ‘Selena’], ‘Late at night when all the world’… oh my god.”

4 Rihanna and puppies on Instagram

If you could follow just one Instagram, what would it be?

Danielle: “I love InstaAnimal”

Alana: “InstaPuppy. My favourite dogs are English Bulldogs and there’s an Instagram of English Bulldog puppies all day every day called SmokenBoo. Also, Rihanna’s Instagram is amazing. Always with the sideboob. It’s just boobs all day long… then she writes ‘#unapologetic’. There’ll be a post of her with the longest blunt I’ve ever seen, the kind of blunt that could kill an average man. That should not be smoked by one person.”


5 Cheese
Tell us about the secret obsession you have that nobody else in the world knows about…

Este: “I’m obsessed with [reality TV programme] Dance Moms.”

Alana: “But they don’t have that here in the UK. They have cheese though. I love cheese.”

What’s your favourite cheese?

Alana: “Oh god, sooooooo many good ones. Good old brie is amazing with wine and crackers. If you’re like. ‘What do you do for fun, Alana?’ Well, all I wanna do is wine, brie cheese, crackers.”

So sophisticated…

Alana: “Baby Haim is sophisticated on her nights off. Next time I have one of my sophisticated nights I’m gonna Instagram it and tweet it at you: ‘#unapologetic’. I can’t eat too much cheese now because it goes straight to the thighs. Being in this band I gotta wear shorts until I’m at least 35.”