Halloween costumes inspired by your favourite musicians

Keep it classic this Halloween

Picture this: it’s the evening of your Halloween party, your pals have gone all out with crazy, creative costumes, and all you have is a bed sheet to go as a ghost. Fed up of being the one they always say “lacks effort” and “doesn’t put in the time” – you’re determined to smash your Halloween get up this year; but how?

This is where we come in: here are some dead easy, yet impressive, Halloween costumes inspired by your favourite musicians.

Marilyn Manson 

If there’s one guy who takes the cake when it comes to Halloween attire, it’s got to be Marilyn Manson – and lucky for you, his iconic grandeur can be achieved in just a few steps.

What to do: Find anything black and/or leather in your wardrobe and put it on – alternatively, grab yourself a white shirt and black tie for a classic Manson look. For the face, use a white foundation or face paint all over and then finish off with some black lipstick – if you’re feeling extra fancy, there are plenty of tutorials out there to help you out.

What to buy: If you don’t already have a white shirt and black tie then that’d be a good place to start – then just pick up some white foundation and black lipstick and you’re all set. If you’re after some extra grunge, just add studs – Marilyn would approve.

David Bowie 

This wonderfully versatile idea is perfect for both Halloween professionals and procrastinators – whether you go to town or keep it simple, it’ll still look like you’ve got your shit together and totally didn’t forget that you needed a costume.

What to do: If you’re making your own Bowie-inspired outfit, colours and glitter are a must – anything from pastel blazers and heeled boots to feather boas and sparkly leotards – you name it, Bowie probably wore it. For a subtler look, grab the face paints and adorn your mug with that unmistakable lightning-bolt – if you need a hand, try this tutorial.

What to buy: Face paints are an essential, no matter how fancy you’re going with this costume. If you’re focusing more on the outfit, then some heeled boots (preferably red) and a blazer like this one would do the trick – and if you’re after a really authentic ode to Bowie, this full Space Superstar costume could be a hit!


Prince color pantone

Sticking with the theme of music’s boldest fashion icons, it’d be wrong not to throw Prince in there somewhere – the classic Purple Rain outfit is a foolproof choice fit for any Halloween party.

What to do: Grab some skinny jeans or leggings, a white shirt and a purple blazer and you’re pretty much there. As far as makeup goes, there’s no such thing as a heavy hand when it comes to the contouring.

What to buy: If you don’t already have those things in your wardrobe, then this full Prince outfit is for you. Why not add a wig while you’re at it?

Michael Jackson in the ‘Thriller’ video

Let’s be real, it’s hard to see this outfit and not burst into song. Easy, practical and adaptable, this costume was made for the dance floor.

What to do: Throw on a red jacket, matching trousers, some shiny black shoes and add some face paint too if you have the time – remember, the zombier the better. Here’s a tutorial to help you out:

What to buy: Any kind of red jacket and trouser combo will work, but if it’s easier then there are ready-made costumes out there too. Top it off with your smartest black shoes and you’re ready to cut some shapes.

Spice Girls

If you’re heading out with friends this Halloween then this group costume idea is for you. For any pun fans out there, this one has great potential.

What to do: First of all, make sure you’ve sorted out who’s who. Then go wild with the costumes: it’s 90s so nothing is too much.

What to buy: Whoever’s Ginger Spice will have to get in that iconic Union Jack Dress – the piece of the spice girls puzzle that’ll make any group costume come together, and if you need a quick fix for Scary Spice – just buy anything that consists of head-to-toe leopard print.

If you want to go for a punnier approach, or if you’re just totally out of time, then dress up as actual spices – arguably much funnier and a whole lot easier. All you need to do is match the colour of your clothes to the spice you’re dressing up as, make a ‘jar label’ that goes across your front et voila, you are now a Spice Girl.

Words: Ellie-Rain Feltham