Halloween Mixtape – Songs Based On Horror Film Characters

With the scariest night of the year upon us, we thought we’d put together a ghoulish playlist to soundtrack your evening…


Here it is as a We7 playlist:

And here are the videos…

Motorhead – ‘Hellraiser’

Taken from the ‘Hellraiser III’ soundtrack, and written for Motorhead by Ozzy Osbourne and his guitarist Zakk Wyklde.


Iron Maiden – ‘Wickerman’
Fact: Christopher Lee was so impressed by the cult film’s script he provided his services completely free of charge.


The Cramps – ‘I Was A Teenage Werewolf’
Inspired by the classic 1957 horror film of the same name.


New York Dolls ‘Frankenstein’
Fact: the man who plays Darth Vader (Bristol-raised David Prowse) from the first Star Wars trilogy also played the monster in three Frankenstein movies, having originally been talent-spotted while weight-lifting.


Alice Cooper ‘He’s Back (Man Behind The Mask)’
Cooper is a horror film fanatic and played the cameo role of a deranged psychiatrist in ‘Friday The 13th: Jason Lives’. He also starred as the evil stepfather of Freddy Krueger in ‘The Final Nightmare’.


Happy Halloween!