Halloween On The Box – Six New, Terrifying Films On Demand, As Recommended By Frightfest

Horror film festival FrightFest was founded 16 years ago in London by Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattray and Alan Jones. Every year, on August Bank Hoilday weekend, they frighten legions of horror fans with limited releases and special premieres. This year, FrightFest becomes one of the first UK film festivals to go digital and is unleashing six terrifying on-demand films especially for Halloween. They’ll scare your pants off. Festival director McEvoy picks apart their grizzliest moments.

Some Kind Of Hate

Starring: Ronen Rubinstein, Grace Phipps, Spencer Breslin, Maestro Harrell, Sierra McCormick
Paul says: “Carrie meets Friday The 13th for Generation Z.”
Moment that will live on in your nightmares: “Bullied teen Moira’s shocking ghostly arrival.”
Worth it for: “It’s a pioneering feminist slasher movie.”

Night Of The Living Deb

Starring: Maria Thayer, Michael Cassidy, Ray Wise, Chris Marquette, Julie Brister
Paul says: “A one-night stand during a zombie apocalypse becomes a fight for survival.”
Moment that will live on in your nightmares: “Realising your family are worse than the walking dead.”
Worth it for: “It’s a Zomromcom with heart that you don’t have to rip out!”


Starring: Steve Oram, Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Julian Rhind-Tutt
Paul says: “Monkey business in suburbia in the near future.”
Moment that will live on in your nightmares: “The hairy balls on Ryan’s head.”
Worth it for: “The dialogue is all in chimpanzee!”



Starring: Miranda Raison, Sam Keeley, Daniella Kertesz, Elarica Gallacher, Lorna Nickson Brown
Paul says: “Five people wake up in a twisted netherworld of their own delusion.”
Moment that will live on in your nightmares: “The exploding beach.”
Worth it for: “It’s chock-full of bright new UK talent.”


Starring: James Cosmo, Amy Manson, Nora-Jane Noone, James Lance, Craig Conway
Paul says: “An amnesiac girl learns the dark truth about her weird family.”
Moment that will live on in your nightmares: “The unexplained disappearance of a loved one.”
Worth it for: “It’s Downton Abbey: The Horror Movie.”


The Sand

Starring: Mitchel Musso, Dean Geyer, Nikki Leigh, Brooke Butler
Paul says: “A creature causes bloody mayhem at a beach party.”
Moment that will live on in your nightmares: “The gory demise of a man stuck in a barrel.”
Worth it for: “You’ll think about it every time you go sunbathing.”

All these films are available here: iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Googleplay, blinkbox, Virgin Movies, Sky Store, Volta, wuaki.tv, Microsoft, thehorrorshow.tv

For more information go to frightfestpresents.com