Listen To Hannibal Buress’ New Hip-Hop Stuffed Spotify Radio Show Here

Comedian Hannibal Buress is known for speaking out, pushing the truth, and cutting through all the bullshit. His opening statement on his new Spotify ‘In Residence’ show tells it like it is, though.

“Spotify asked me to pick some songs and talk about them”.

But it’s more interesting than that, primarily, because he’s a really funny guy. The playlist sees Buress pick a whole host of hip-hop classics, from Raekwon to Nas and OutKast and even a left-field choice with Green Day’s ‘Brain Stew’. Scattered throughout Buress tells jokes and recants anecdotes about the songs he has chosen.

His music analysis is still somewhat rusty (“It’s just a well made song” he says about OutKast’s ‘Happy Valentines Day’), but he makes up with it for the personal anecdotes about his Uber driver and cracking jokes at the ‘intimacy’ of huge stadium gigs.

Perhaps the comedian radio show trend will catch on. Russell Brand discussing his favourite mid-noughties indie tracks next?