Hannibal Lecter Vs Eminem And Dr Dre?

As any fule kno, film soundtracks manipulate emotions. Be it Barber’s ‘Adagio For Strings’, ‘Carmina Burana’ or ‘I’m Walking On Sunshine’, a piece of music played at a particular moment can induce tears, fears, butterflies or heart-melting joy.


A website was launched this week to highlight the effect of audio on film. It randomly attaches pieces of music to classic film scenes and it’s quite astonishing how much your experience can be changed. Hannibal Lecter isn’t so terrifying soundtracked by Dr Dre and Eminem, Steve McQueen’s car chase in Bullitt is camped up comedy set to the Austin Powers theme ‘Soul Bossa Nova’ and Arnie in Commando doesn’t seem quite as commanding against Nirvana’s ‘Breed’.

There are a couple of thousand possibilities and it’s worth a gander. Here are a few of the best examples. You need to press play at the same time for each entry.

Blair Witch vs Erik Satie

Mrs Doubtfire vs Psycho

Pulp Fiction vs. Eminem & Dr Dre