Happy 70th Birthday Jimi Hendrix

Can you imagine being there? Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock is a close runner for the fantasy gig I’d go back in time to. In fact, I’d probably sell my mum to go back there (sorry mum). No matter the rain, delay or dwindled crowd, it’s a defining moment in 20th century music. Decked out in a neon pink head band, navajo fringed jacket and turquoise flares, Hendrix started with ‘Message To Love’ and finished his classic, perfect set with ‘Hey Joe’. Today would have been the maestro’s 70th birthday. To celebrate, we’ve got these awesome unseen photographs from the upcoming ‘Live At Woodstock’ documentary of the famous 1969 gig and some facts you might not know.

Hendrix had been awake for three days before taking to the stage to close Woodstock. He collapsed with exhaustion as he came off the stage after his two-hour set


A rainstorm screwed up the scheduling but Hendrix wanted to close the festival. Instead of playing the midnight slot he was offered, he insisted on playing last at 8.30 on Monday morning


By the time Hendrix took to the stage, the crowd had shrunk from 400,000 to about 40,000, a curious blessing for the performer who preferred to play to small crowds


He was paid the equivalent to £11,000 to perform and £7,500 for the rights to film him. What a bargain

Proving even rock stars have to make do with the dregs at the end of a festival, the band shared a bottle of Blue Nun before going on stage


Hendrix denied his legendary ‘Star Spangled Banner’ version with its dirty feeback and scuzzy guitar was a comment on the Vietnam War, saying “All I did was play it. I’m American so I played it”


‘Live At Woodstock’ will be shown in selected cinemas around the country on 29 November and 4 December. Buy tickets here.