15 Musicians singing happy birthday, just for you

Musicians really, really love their mums

It’s that time of the week again. Your dear friend’s birthday has rolled around and you need something great to post on their Facebook wall. You make a panicked scroll through your Instagram to find pictures of the two of you, and realise to your dismay how few selfies you’ve ever taken together. If you’re a different kind of person, you dredge through your darkest photo albums to find the messiest photo of your mate, because nothing says true affection like public humiliation. But it’s, you know, mean. And besides; you don’t want them getting vengeful because they likely have ammo.

So you need something relatable, heartwarming, original. These 15 musicians are way ahead of you. These videos of them singing happy birthday are just so damn caring. Never mind you spent little less than a minute doing the research thanks to this A+ list – your mate will really appreciate it. Or maybe you don’t have any friends and you’re alone on your birthday and just want a feel a little love from Matt Healy. Works either way.

1. Adele sings Happy Birthday to super fan, Dawn


Literally imagine being Dawn right now. Imagine this being your 50th birthday.

2. Alex Turner and all of the Glastonbury Pyramid Stage sing Happy Birthday to his mum, Penny

Penny rocks.

3. Stevie Wonder sings Happy Birthday to Beyoncé


Today, on your birthday, you are Beyoncé.

4. Stevie Wonder and Michael Eavis sing Happy Birthday to Glastonbury

Glastonbury is the luckiest girl in the world.

5. R.E.M’s Michael Stripe sings Happy Birthday to Patti Smith for her 70th birthday


He even gave her a cake.

6. Chris Martin sings Happy Birthday to bassist Guy Berryman

Truly beautiful bromance.

7. Ed Sheeran sings Happy Birthday to ‘Vera’

Even his happy birthday singing is really pretty.

8. Sergio Pizzorno sings Happy birthday to his wife, Amy (IN ITALIAN!!!)

Sensitive #Lad

9. Lady Gaga sings Happy Birthday to her mum, Cynthia 

The most relatable thing about this video is Gaga’s confession that she feels guilty for not seeing her mum more but Cynthia should be happy because she sent flowers that morning.

10. Justin Bieber sings Happy Birthday for his mum; presents her with cake


11. Dave Grohl sings Happy Birthday to the “best mom in the whole world”

He is just so bloody nice, isn’t he?

12. Gwen Stefani sings Happy Birthday to her eight year old son

She’s not a regular mim, she’s a cool mim

13.  Matt Healy sings Happy Birthday to The 1975’s drummer, George

I think that’s him playing the drums in this rendition. He’s into it, then.

14 + 15. And just for your special day, here’s Christina Aguilera and Britney’s respective Happy Birthday singing skills cruelly pitted against one another. 

“Oh my Gaahd”