Hard-Fi New Track ‘Good For Nothing’ – You Review

Poor old Hard-Fi, in 2006 they had a top ten-charting debut album, two Brit Award nominations and a tour with Green Day under their belts.

Then they released their second album ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’ in 2007 and it all went a bit wrong. They were ridiculed for their not-so-subversive ‘No cover art’ album sleeve stunt, and then the album itself was a relative commercial flop.


Well now they’re back with a new track ‘Good For Nothing’ and promises/threats of another album in 2011, thought to be called ‘Killer Sounds’. Singer Richard Archer posted on their Facebook wall back in March, “A beautiful morning in Acton, West London – going back into the studio to mix the final tracks for the album, we’ve got two weeks booked to finish off and tweak a few bits and pieces from the last batch. Thinking about photos, a video, artwork and getting out and doing a few gigs – sooner than you might think.”

They posted the first track from the new album ‘Good For Nothing’ last week, take a listen:

What have people been saying online then? On Soundcloud – where the band originally posted the song – fans were really positive.

Portlande-taylor said, “IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING!! Bloody Brilliant, can’t wait to hear the full album – well done guys.”

While matt-frodo-russell noticed tones of their debut album, saying, “Typical Richard Archer London vocals, love it, love the hate feeling in the song as shown in ‘Better Do Better’, AWESOME return!”

And thetruejoe90 is a fan of the new material, “I love this northern soul feel intro.”


But over on Twitter, the reception was a bit more frosty.

@alwaysontour wrote, “How exciting Hard-Fi are back with another classic, ‘Good For Nothing’, we have to see them live #sarcasm”

However, there were some fans, @IndieQueenMaz tweeted: “New Hard-Fi on @xfm is actually quite good.”

And @stevethompson91 wrote, “Re-kindling my love for the band hard fi, new album should be good!”

Watch a classic interview from 2007’s Glastonbury festival below.

On the band’s official Facebook page, reaction was mixed.

Sandro Geisshüsler wrote, “Not too happy with it! Maybe it’s a grower, but after one listen I don’t like it.”

But Alan Smith is a fan, “Well if Stuart Price has touched the album then it’s going to be a belter. Liking the tune now I’m hearing it again in the background, reckon it will be very good next time I hear it!”

And so is Leon Hewitt, who simply wrote, “Richard Archer, you legend.”

Zane Lowe has made it his Hottest Record In The World and it’s getting lots of good feedback online, but is it any good? Take a listen and let us know what you think by commenting below.