Hawaiian Christmas With The Brute Chorus – Free MP3

I’m already eaten five advent calendars worth of chocolate today so Christmas can’t be far off. Here to aid my festive slump into gluttony is The Brute Chorus with a wistful Hawaiian Christmas song.

The Brutes

Singer and moustache model James explains: “We wanted to avoid all the usual Christmas clichés so we set it in Hawaii and used some different instruments. Sleigh bells only appear right at the end.

“As a kid I had Bing Crosby’s Christmas Album and I’m sure there’s a Hawaiian Christmas song on that so that must be where the seed of the idea came from. Sometimes it’s fun to invent a genre and Hawaiian Death Ballad was pretty high on my list. Next up: Calypso Grease, Stoner Folk and hobobilly.”

If you want to hear the Brutes interpolate Little Donkey live on stage, head down to their Christmas party at the Stag’s Head on 17/12/09 to celebrate the single’s release. Nick from the band (looks like a dishevelled Art Garfunkel) said he will buy you all a drink.

Download The Brute Chorus’s (This Chrismas) Bury Me In Hawaii here.

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