Hear Fever Ray Cover Peter Gabriel

If you witnessed one of Fever Ray’s mind-melting live shows recently you might have noticed the Swedish sound artists slip a Peter Gabriel cover in halfway through.

Fever Ray

‘Mercy Street’ was originally written about poet Anne Sexton and features on Gabriel’s largely ambient and atmostpheric (‘Sledgehammer’ aside) seventh album ‘So’. On reflection it’s an obvious choice for a band like Fever Ray and they do it massive justice. It’ll get a proper release on Rabid Records later this year.


Karin says of the track: “We made it more intense and faster to fit our eccentric pecussionists and energetic live musicians. It is a monotone track but we worked with the dynamics trying to make it sparkle. I listened to it a lot when I was around 15, and it still moves me. It made me start reading Anne Sexton too”.

Fever Ray hit the UK on 6th September, playing Scotland’s ABC before moving to Brixton Academy and finally Bestival.

Hear the track here.

Track composed by Peter Gabriel – head to his website for more

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