Hear Lunchtime Sardine Club’s Elliott Smithsy New Single ‘Dollars For Doughuts’ – Premiere

Take the languid charm and lo-fi crunch of AA Bondy, quirk of Mac DeMarco, add a few hushed vocal harmonies from the Elliott Smith book of indie heartache and you’re not far off the bobbing sound of ‘Dollars For Doughnuts’ – the new single from Brighton multi-instrumentalist Oliver Newton. Better known as Lunchtime Sardine Club, Newton’s gem of a 2013 debut album ‘Icecapades’ was a far cry from the fire and thunder of the rackety south coast acts he’s made a cult name drumming in over the years, instead layering field recordings over screw and whispering tales of dead Mexican boxers and lost operators of lighthouse operators over giddy slices of screwball folk and fun bedroom pop. More demure and pensive than that album but just as compelling, ‘Dollars For Doughnuts’ is “an ode to bad bellies, late nights and growing old without grace” set for release on June 22 as a download and limited edition beer mat – yes, really – via Fierce Panda, and it’s really fucking great. Check it out below and if you’re London-based, be sure to catch him live on July 23 at Dalston Servant Jazz Quarters.