Hear Mac DeMarco’s New Live Album

When I ran into Mac DeMarco after he played an NME show at The Great Escape back in May, he looked, frankly, exhausted. “I just need a break from touring altogether,” he told me. “The way that we tour, we’re not the sort of band who get the hummus and vegetable plate in the back room. We get the bottle of whiskey and 500 beers. So that kills you.”

Not surprising when he’s been touring pretty relentlessly since I first saw him in Montreal back in November last year. Still, you wouldn’t have noticed any lethargy is you caught either of his band’s two shows in Brighton or their set at Primavera the following week. Truth is, even half-dead they still rock harder and have more fun than 99% of bands. As Mac put it: ” I love playing these songs, especially for the people who haven’t heard them.”

Fortunately before they get off the road to write their next record, the good folks at Russian Recording, Bloomington, Illinois had the sense to stick some microphones in front of Mac and his band. The result is a brand new live album being released on cassette by Jurassic Pop.

It features everything fans will know and love from one of the planet’s best touring bands: the none-cooler strut of ‘I’m A Man’; the romantic moment in ‘Still Together’ when Mac hoists Kiki onto his shoulders and an extended 10-minute medley mashing-up Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s ‘Takin’ Care Of Business’, the Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’ and more. Grab a bottle of whiskey and 500 beers and enjoy.