Here’s What People On The Internet Are Saying About ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’

Listen up, Potterheads. J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter reprisal, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is in the theatre now! Actually, scrap that – you already know. The whole thing’s booked up until 2017.

Apart from the occasional snippets of Potter trivia Rowling has leaked onto Twitter, we’ve largely lived exclusively in the Muggle world since the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two in 2011. This makes Cursed Child a really big deal, so social media coverage of the show is a stressful combination of anticipation, adoration and hush hush to #KeepTheSecrets in the chamber.


The play seems to have lived up to expectations


So the anticipation is too much for some

Emma Watson is a pretty huge fan already

As are the cast of Star Trek beyond

And former power couple Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson, who reunited to take their son, Bing, to the show

Happy Bday Bing!!! #harrypotterandthecursedchild @katehudson xxx

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Some are looking to J.K Rowling for tips on getting tickets

Or coming up with plans of their own

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has got some punters going to the theatre for the first time ever

Mostly though, people can’t even deal with how epic it is

Processing all the #feels from the phenoms #harrypotterandthecursedchild

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Because Harry Potter is, you know, magical.