Conspiracy Theorists Think Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Are Faking It For A Music Video

By now, you’re probably acquainted with Taylor Swift fans’ favourite new hashtag: #Hiddleswift . It’s being used to describe the cutesy and hella cheesy relationship between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. The coupling is currently being documented by the paparazzi, though it HASN’T yet been acknowledged on the pair’s Instagram feeds, unlike Swift’s relationship with her ex, Calvin Harris. We’d share an example, but each party wiped the other from their social media.

However, a series of coincidences, like the fact that the pair always look ready for the paparazzi, and the PR perfect romance of #Hiddleswift have led some to question if the relationship is real.

[UPDATE] [MORE] June 27, 2016: Taylor and Tom in Rome yesterday.. . . #taylorswift #tomhiddleston #hiddleswift

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But now, some have taken the theory that the relationship is all for show to a next level conspiracy: that Swiftie is actually just filming her new video, or creating a performance art piece.

But is this purely Twitter conjecture? Here’s all the evidence that the online detectives could be right.

1. She’s due some new music
Despite Swift’s insistence that she is taking a break following the incredible success of 1989, fans have noticed that she normally releases albums at two year intervals (Taylor Swift 2006, Fearless 2008, Speak Now 2010, Red 2012, 1989 2014.) If the music video theory is true, this could be the promotional single before the album is dropped a few months later, potentially as soon as September 2016. This is near the time of the Emmys, where Hiddleston will likely be nominated for ‘The Night Manager’. A Taylor Swift video drop at the same time would be great publicity for both.

2. They danced together as FRIENDS at the Met Gala

The clip above of the two dancing together at the Met Ball has been used by many as evidence of the pair’s long standing attraction to one another. But if you were at one of the coolest, most high-profile, parties in Hollywood and either Taylor Swift OR Tom Hiddleston asked you to dance after a few drinks, would you say no? They’re clearly close, and close friends can plot to troll Hollywood together.

3. The theme of the ‘Blank Space’ Video is the focus on her relationships in the media
In her video for the absolute banger ‘Blank Space’, Swift mocks the media attention on her relationships and the reputation they have built for her as a crazy serial dater who swallows and spits out Hollywood men faster than a wad of gum.

Could she be doing the same thing in her relationship with Tom Hiddleston? The intensity of the relationship, and the widespread media attention it has received, would certainly make for a brilliant troll if she was faking, just to see how far people would believe the story before questions. It would also show the media just who’s in charge of the Swift-related tabloid stories in the post-1989 Hollywood takeover phase.

4. The #Hiddleswift aesthetic is similar to the aesthetic of many Swiftie videos.
Here is a picture of the couple getting into a helicopter:

Tom and Taylor leaving Rome by helicopter . . #hiddleswift #taylorswift #tomhiddleston

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Swift also experiences aerodynamics in the video for ‘Wildest Dreams’, which tells the story of a FAKE, ON-SCREEN RELATIONSHIP.

Here are some of the many pictures of #Hiddleswift on the beach:

More of June 26, 2016: Taylor and Tom and his mom in Suffolk today. . . #hiddleswift #tomhiddleston #taylorswift

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The beach is a motif in videos from the 1989 album, like the one for ‘Out of the Woods’:

5. Taylor Swift has famous friends who will star in her music videos
‘Bad Blood’ was Swift’s ode to her Hollywood following, power and influence. There are so many celeb cameos, she couldn’t actually fit them all in one lineup.

On the 4th July 2016, Swift had an Independence Day party, to which all of her closest, very famous friends, like Ruby Rose, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid were invited. They frolicked together in the sea, whilst Taylor and Hiddleston kissed in the waves. We’ll chat about the t-shirt later. Was the party just a filming for an elaborate reference to the ‘Bad Blood’ video, with a few extra players?

Taylor and her friends in the water in RI today. . . #tomhiddleston #taylorswift #hiddleswift

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6. Everything about that t-shirt

Taylor and Tom swimming in the water by her house in RI. . . #taylorswift #hiddleswift ##tomhiddleston

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No one does this. No one wears “I heart [partner’s initials]” on a t-shirt at any point in the relationship, let alone just a few weeks after it’s begun. It’s so wrong it can’t possibly be right. Plus, it’s not official T. Swift merchandise. So there must be some conspiracy in that. The temporary “T” heart tattoo also has the bearings of Swift’s fake ‘Blank Space’-esque male torture routine.

7. Swift and Hiddleston wear matching outfits, which is suspicious

More of June 26, 2016: Taylor and Tom and his mom in Suffolk today. . . #hiddleswift #tomhiddleston #taylorswift

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Maybe they just share a love for the familiarity and flexibility of a quilted rain jacket. Then again, it looks like something out of a catalogue, which Swift seems to have been avoiding recently following her grungey makeover at Vogue. Cock-up or conspiracy? I think both.

8. All the images have come from the same paparazzi agency

All the ‘candid’ shots taken of Swift and Hiddleston’s whirlwind romance have come from the same pap agency, leading many to suggest they must be receiving tip-offs.

So, is #Hiddleswift real? Is Taylor Swift trolling? Only you can decide, but if this theory is true and she is fooling us all, she’ll have reached new levels in her effortless control of the entertainment business.