Here’s how you can get extra lives on HQ Trivia

Your next step to winning the Internet's greatest quiz

If you haven’t been playing HQ trivia, where have you been? The general knowledge quiz played on your smartphone has become a runaway success – in the US over up to 1.9 million people are playing some games. Tuning in at set times throughout the day, players are battling through a series of 12 – 15 questions, to be in with the chance of winning their share of the jackpot.

But if you’re playing you may have run into some trouble when you get halfway through and realise you don’t actually know what the name Peggy is short for or what’s in fragrances that helps them maintain their strong scent (fixatives, obviously). Here’s how you can get some extra lives, to help protect your winning streak if you get into trouble.

Invite other people to play HQ

Yeah, it’s obvious; but worth remembering. Invite people to download the HQ app using your referral code, and each time somebody uses it you’ll earn an extra life. To find your referral code, just click on the “Get More” code on the app (it’s next to the heart that shows how many lives you’ve got) and then you’re able to share your code to your pals/gran/aunt’s next door neighbour and rack up the extra lives.

The Easter Egg way


There’s another way to get an extra life, and that’s by utilising an Easter Egg that’s on the game.

It’s dead easy – you just need to open the HQ app and go to the main page, and there swipe up using two fingers really fast over and over, and you should get an extra life.

Not convinced? Check out Inverse‘s video showing you how you can get the extra life below:

It looks like you can only use this trick every few days, but it’s an easy way to get ahead when playing the game.

Keep an eye on the HQ Twitter

On their official Twitter account, HQ often Tweet clues about potential questions for impending games.


It won’t give you an extra life – but if you keep an eye on it, at least you can be ahead of the game and ensure you don’t lose your hard earned lives on tricky questions.

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