Here’s John Legend Singing Over The Downton Abbey Theme Song

Downton Abbey, everyone’s favourite 1910/20s-era period drama about wealth, servants and teacup-dropping, came to an amicable end in the UK at Christmas, with a happily-ever-after ending secured for nearly every character as the show drew to a close in 1926 – well, what could go wrong in the world in the next 13 years or so?

Downton‘s remarkable popularity has spread worldwide since it premiered in 2010, and nowhere was perhaps more besotted with the adventures and high jinks of the Yorkshire country estate than the US. Americans went positively crazy for Lord Grantham and co., no doubt fuelling their already-held stereotypes that all Brits are posh-sounding gentry who go hunting for sport and dress impeccably well to eat lunch.

This snapshot into an (archaic) British mentality, however, ended last night, as PBS aired Downton Abbey‘s final episode, bringing to a close the broadcaster’s most-watched show ever. Bidding particular farewell to Julian Fellowes’ drama was late-night chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, who paid tribute to Downton‘s end by enlisting John Legend to add lyrics to the programme’s opening music, ‘Did I Make the Most of Loving You?’, composed by Scottish musician John Lunn.


Legend’s additions cover many of Downton’s quirks, from Ladies Mary and Edith hating each other to how Mr. Bates is possibly the nicest man to have ever committed a murder. The ten-times Grammy-award winner certainly hit the nail on the head with his rendition; no doubt drying the eyes of many a sad Downton viewer across the US.

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