Watch Tom Hardy Sing Along To Action Bronson


As far as hip-hop introductions go, Action Bronson‘s ‘Silverado’, from his outstanding 2013 mixtape ‘Blue Chips 2’, is pretty damn euphoric. Not only is it a call to arms for Bronson fans the world over, that opening line also serves as the gateway to the larger-than-life 32-year-old’s lyrical wonderland, where he adopts multiple personas, reels off an ocean full of 1980s movie and sports references, and casually utters some of the most brilliant of asides (sample quote: “Why the fuck would I have a bodyguard / If I look just like the mother fucking bodyguard?“).


Truth be told, this sort of song makes you want to be a part of Bronson’s gang, which apparently has a couple of vacancies: last night, the Queens, NY rapper extended an invite to a new yet rather familiar face to join his entourage. As the below tweet-and-video testifies, Tom Hardy, he of The Dark Night Rises, Peaky Blinders and Mad Max: Fury Road fame, has been officially welcomed into Bronson’s inner circle.

While the clip is actually over a year old, it seems that Bronson has only just been directed towards it – no matter, though, because Hardy’s lip-synced impression of the rapper is pretty spot on. And, as Bronson mentions, he’s over here in Hardy’s native London to play Wireless Festival in July – surely an on-stage collaboration with the Hammersmith actor wouldn’t be too out of the question?

As long as we’re discussing a potential Bronson/Hardy collab, it seems appropriate to point out that a few people on Twitter have already called out the brother-from-another-mother similarities that extend beyond the pair’s shared rapping abilities:



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