Here’s What You’ll See If You Visit Prince’s Paisley Park Home-Turned-Museum

When Prince died in April, the world questioned what would become of his infamous Paisley Park residence. Soon after his death, those he’d left behind announced it would be turned into a museum where fans could celebrate the icon’s life and music. This week, it opened for three days, with plans to be open daily once city council members have come to agreements regarding public safety and traffic.

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What will you see once you’re inside, though? This video from NBC News’ Today programme gives a good oversight. According to the show, everything in the complex is as Prince left it, from handwritten notes to how his microphone was set up in the control room.

There’s the Purple Rain room, where the film is projected onto a wall and you can see the script, piano, costume and motorbike used in the movie, plus the Oscar he won for the work.

There’s also the NPG Music Club, named after his backing band New Power Generation. It’s a performance space, with purple plush seating and a stage from which Prince regularly performed. There are also tons of Prince’s clothes and costumes throughout, alongside gold discs lining the walls of the huge complex.

Prince’s private quarters are off limits to the public and his estate have solved the issue of the elevator where his body was found being in the museum part of the building by blocking it off with a wall of gold and platinum records and a display of tickets from his 2004 Musicology tour.

There’s no word on how long it will stay there, but apparently the urn containing Prince’s ashes is on display in the atrium of Paisley Park (below).

Of course, there’s also tons of instruments to ogle, from pianos and guitars to drum kits and keyboards. As you’d expect, a lot of them are purple. You can also go in the recording studio where he and other stars like Stevie Wonder and Celine Dion recorded.

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Looking around all those exhibits is likely to make you hungry. Luckily, Paisley Park has its own menu for you to order from, made up of Prince’s favourite dishes. Some of the treats you can indulge in include his favourite cake (chocolate mousse cake), tropical smoothies and coconut curry with black rice and chickpeas. Sounds delicious.

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The “menu” in PAISLEY PARK of course Vegan! #Prince #paisleypark #LO(+>VE

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