Hit By Lightning – New Yorkers Strike The UK

Lightning Bolt for me are one of the most consistently exhilarating and exhausting live bands on the planet, so when they returned to the UK for some notorious live appearances in between not one, but both of December’s ATP festivals, it was only right to give tinnitus a fair chance at survival and check them out.

The beyond hectic noise duo came to my neck of the woods and despite some kind of frost plague outside, indoors was sweaty as heck and as expected, louder than is remotely healthy.

Latest album Earthly Delights released in October, offers another look into the insanity of two men’s intrinsically original grasp on music. Their gig at Salford’s Islington Mill – you know, that arty warehouse where The Ting Ting’s used to live – also brought further earthly delights in the form of support band Pocketknife:

A female fronted drone/experimental punk trio from Manchester.
Also spotted in the crowd were members of Kong, Oceansize and Rolo Tomassi but perhaps the coolest people I found were this couple:

No, not undercover police trying to trick me into buying ear plus made of drugs, but someone’s parents who were both boasting of a combined age of 110 years and also a serious affection for Lightning Bolt gigs. Amazing.

If you don’t know what all the fuss is about regarding Lightning Bolt, have a listen to them in action from a session at the mighty John Peel’s radio show:

Yeah, thought you’d like that. Did you see Lightning Bolt at ATP? Go on have a brag about it… make us little stay at homes jealous. Love/hate the new album? Spill it here folks.