Ho99o9’s guide to hardcore

The LA-based band take us through their Top Five hardcore artists, from Bad Brains to Cro-Mags

1 – Bad Brains

Yeti Bones: “Bad Brains are the originators of hardcore. They made hardcore even before it was a word. It’s the fastest, loudest, most chaotic fucking band, fronted by the greatest dude ever.”

2- Onyx

theOGM: “Onyx is a rap group – I know we’re talking about hardcore but hardcore could just be rap or band, it could be anything. They’re a rap group from Queens, New York. They’re just hood-ass motherfuckers, just real grimy. I fucked with them because of their energy and the way they speak and their ability to pick really good beats.”

3 – Cro-Mags

Yeti Bones: “First time I see Cro-Mags was by accident. House of Vans was doing this weekly summer show in Brooklyn five years ago and I didn’t even know who Cro-Mags was. I was just going because it was an event, it was free booze. and they went on and that shit was nuts and then they did two Bad Brains covers and that really got me off. After that I was hooked and I got more into them. Their first album was a game changer, it goes down in history. They were really on the same pattern as Bad Brains with [ideas of] peace and stability and about the youth too. They were real spiritual with their licks also but it translated in a vicious way.”

4 – Minor Threat

Yeti Bones: “Minor Threat is for all the straight edge kids! I first found out about Minor Threat shortly after Bad Brains. It was just as intense and just as hardcore. Their live shows were insane.”

theOGM: “Minor Threat weren’t really good musicians but they just had that ferocity, that energy and that’s what made them really solid.”

5 – Rage Against The Machine

Eaddy: “You can’t even put it in a genre – that shit’s like rap, metal, it’s got a little jazz, funk, to it too. All of their tracks just have such a strong message. It still sticks with us today. In the times that we’re going through now, it never gets old. If you listen to those tunes it’s like they’ve made that album last week.”

theOGM: “Even the name of the band… Rage Against The Machine, it’s just legendary.”