‘Home Alone’ Bandit Marv Is Back After 26 Years With A Surprise In A Bucket

Everyone has their favourite moment in the Home Alone series – be it the paint pot pendulum of the first film, Joe Pesci falling off a ladder in movie number two, or even the ghastly hidden nail escapade everyone covered their eyes for. All classic scenes.

But who could forget the hilarious encounter between ‘Wet Bandit’ Marv and a tarantula? Not Daniel Stern, that’s for sure.

The actor, who played the dastardly crim, must have decided it’s time to relive the famous moment – because he’s just shared a video on Facebook depicting his long-awaited reunion with the furry arachnid.

Caught on camera by his wife, the clip sees Stern topless in his garage inviting us to look into an upturned bucket. He quickly flips over said bucket, and lo and behold there’s our furry friend scrabbling about at the bottom. Stern even lets rip that pitch-defying scream we all know from the movies. Watch the clip below.

All we need now is for Joe Pesci’s hat to explode at the Oscars next year and we’ll have a full set of classic Home Alone re-enactments. Or maybe Macauley Culkin could just lob a brick at him like in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. That would work.