Homie Erectus – Befriend Them, Evolve

I listen to everything I find/get sent on MySpace, even on Sundays when it almost feels like I’m wading through cider vomit with a severe hangover and no gloves. However, these boys, are a very welcome surprise…

The other week when (amid loads of general crap off really awful bands who seem to have genetically modified bollocks to the point where they think it’s OK to leave messages like this: “It’s a scientific fact that you will love our band, you probably feel stupid for not knowing us already. Yes, you probably are really stupid”) a little gem emerged all the way from LA, with rather modest bollocks and a shit load of ace tunes.

The band is called Homie Erectus and they appear to be made of win. Please witness:

‘Drunk Blood’, is a short sharp blast of melodic garage punk that sounds as though they’ve just robbed all their guitars from a jumble sale, broke into an abandoned house and played the beasts with more justice in 1.16 minutes than the previous owner ever did in ten years.

Plus, don’t you just need to be mates with a bunch of camcorder carrying LA rockers who claim that “Fast cars/Dive bars define me”? Course you do. So pop on over to Homie Erectus’ Myspace and virtually lick their faces. Good.

I don’t know if it’s because the sun is out today and I’m all giddy about festivals, but Homie Erectus, with their chizzled snarls, awesome six-string rock n roll solos and raw drum thrashing, have just got me all excited for the month in music, and it’s only the 8th!

If you want to join me in congratulating their drummer for surviving high school with Katy Perry, you can buy their DIY, self-produced album ‘American Homiecide’ which is available on iTunes. Unless you live in Australia or Japan, in which case, you should probably just move to LA if it sounds anything like this.