Honeyblood: A Track-By-Track Guide To New Album ‘Babes Never Die’, In Their Own Words

Later this week (Nov 4), Honeyblood will release their second album ‘Babes Never Die’. Bolstered by single ‘Ready For The Magic’, which looks set to be their break-out hit, the record sees the group build on their garage-rock sound with electronic drum machines, monstrous basslines and more. 

Speaking to The Guardian, the pair explained the concept behind the album. “People think little girls are precious, like they need to be looked after” Tweeddale said. “We wanted to turn that on its head; girls fending for themselves, with superhuman strength.” She also added that on the record, she wanted “to remember that mad little girl I once was. As you grow up, you forget that.”

That doesn’t mean its all fun games though. ‘Gangs’ revisits their native Glasgow and the social inequalities that they have encountered, and ‘Cruel’ shows Tweeddale at her most honest and raw.


To get us ready for the diverse collection of songs, Stina provided us with an exclusive rundown of the influences and stories behind each song on the album.


“The intro and outro for the album were written in a jam session. The ‘Never Die’ vocals are my interpretation of a witches coven casting a spell which was inspired by the Kate Bush song ‘Waking The Witch’.”

‘Babes Never Die’

“I have a real strong attachment to this song. It was the first track written for the album. I remember sitting down with my guitar and a notepad and really thinking about what I wanted to say. There’s only one set of lyrics for both the verses because I felt it summed up the meaning of track entirely.”

‘Ready For The Magic’

“The lyrics for this tune were inspired by ‘Black Magic’ by Astrud Gilberto. It’s a no-fuss track which has a pretty fun two-bar drum fill slap bang in the middle.”

‘Sea Hearts’


“This song is a story about me and my bestie. It’s also my take on the tale of two pirates called Anne Bonny and Mary Reed.”

‘Love Is A Disease’

“This track is both Cat [Myers, drummer] and I’s favourite on the album. I think of it as the turning point in the writing process, where we introduced a separate bass line. It was a labour of love and took the longest to get right. The story gives a nod to Dracula, told through the eyes of the victim.”

‘Walking At Midnight’

“This song is probably the black sheep on the album, as it’s very different. We wanted to keep it atmospheric and I think it’s probably the most creepy one.”

‘Justine, Misery Queen’

“’Justine…’ is equal parts fun and messy. I really wanted to write a straight up story, although I’m sure everyone knows someone like her.”

‘Sister Wolf’

“This is another one that both Cat and I really like. It’s so fun to play. I guess this one is about not being afraid to embrace that dark side in you.”

‘Hey, Stellar’

“I really love the sound of this track. It’s got a pretty side to it which makes it even more bittersweet.”


“Cruel is the most honest song I’ve ever written. I kept it a secret for a while because I was unsure if I was able to show that much fragility. I’m glad it made it to the album though, it has a very special place for me.”


“I had a very happy childhood, but I wanted to write something that brought up the social inequalities we lived with as children. This song kind of poured out and although it’s pretty heavy, it ends with a kind of uplifting finish.”


“The outro was just recorded live, us mucking around with a drum machine and a tin whistle. Like the intro, I think it’s a good bookend for the record.”

‘Babes Never Die’ is out via Fatcat Records on November 4