Hooky’s Top Ten Hacienda Memories – Part Two

Guest Blog – To mark the release of his new book about The Hacienda, here New Order’s Peter Hook reminisces about the legendary Manchester club, which he co-owned.

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6. Bouncers Throwing People Out Of Cabs For Me

At the end of the night we’d come out of The Hacienda looking all lost. I got on with the doormen quite well. One of them, Damien Noonan, would always say, “Do you want a cab Hooky?” and I’d go. “Yeah”. I knew what he was going to do but I couldn’t stop him. He’d go outside and flag down the first cab that came round the corner whether there was somebody in it or not.

If there was somebody in it, he’d just go “Right you, get out yer bastard” and fucking throw ’em out and put me in it. It was so embarrassing ‘cos he’d go, “This cab’s for Peter Hook now fuck off!” but I could never say no. It’s so hard to get a cab on Whitworth Street at 5’o’clock in the morning.

7. Getting Free Drinks

It was one of our only perks – and Bernard and I used to batter it. My mates cottoned onto it ‘cos one of them went to the bar and he’d left his money at home, and he said, “Oh I’ll get Hooky to okay it” and one of the barmen said, “Okay I’ll put it on his bill.” They they all started doing it: “Hooky said I could have this and to put it on his bill.” My bar bill was about six thousand pounds for a month – and I was away on tour.

8. Being Let Into The DJ Booth
You didn’t really last long downstairs ‘cos it was so hot and sweaty so you needed somewhere to relax and powder your nose, much as I hate to admit it, so I used to go up to the DJ booth. You used to bang on that fucking door for what seemed like an eternity. The bastards would never, ever let you in for ages. The only time they came out was when they needed a piss or when they needed a drink so the relief when they used to open the double doors so you could get into the DJ booth was fantastic. You knew you were safe and you could just look out on all the madness and nobody could get to you. That was the best place to watch it all from.

9. The Acid House Explosion

It happened between 86 and 87 – it was a normal functioning club, and then you turned up after Ibiza and it was like a boiling mass of humanity all intent on having the best time possible in the shortest time possible. It was like somebody had turned your life up a notch, like your life had gone from ten to twelve and a half. Everyone was really running on full or as we used to say, “cooking with gas”.

At some point everyone has to slow down, you can’t keep up that intensity, none of us could, everybody got so fucked up. It didn’t last long. Truth be told, nobody would do it every week, you’d take a month off, you had to.

10. Staff Drinks After The Club Closed For The Night

One of the nicest things about the madness and intensity of the evening when it was rocking in the acid house years, totally full on, like trying to surf on Lewis Hamilton’s racing car and then at the end of the night when they threw everyone out there was a wonderful sense of relief that you were able to sit down quietly in The Hacienda, have a drink with the staff and talk to your mates really nicely. Then you were all just gagging for somewhere else to go and the afterparties sometimes were better than The Hacienda nights. It was amazing. That period from 88 to 92, partying wise, the scrapes you’d get in were unbelievable.

‘The Hacienda: How Not To Run A Club’, by Peter Hook, is out now.

Hooky will be doing a tour in support of the book. Dates here.

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