How Do You Think Breaking Bad Will End?


Vince Gilligan cried when he wrote the final episode of Breaking Bad. Apart from that, the series creator has said very little about the finale. Just that “there will be blood” and it will be “crazy”. No shit.

‘Felina’, the name of the episode, will air in the US on Sunday and the UK on Monday (I suggest avoiding Twitter/the internet that day in case of spoilers). NY Times columnist Nick Bilton picked up on the name being both an anagram of ‘finale’ and an amalgamation of the chemical symptoms Fe (Iron) Li (Lithium) Na (Sodium). Blood, Meth and Tears.

Just as it was with The Sopranos, The Wire, Dallas and Twin Peaks, this feels like a significant pop culture event. Ever since the series aired in 2008, Breaking Bad has consistently provided more than just gripping entertainment: it is, quite simply, a work of art and the second best TV drama of all time after The Sopranos (we can scrap about that in the comments if you want).


The last few episodes of the fifth series have been high-octane. Last week’s penultimate episode left watchers with an exam book full of questions. The most important being: will Walt die? Will Jesse escape? Will Skyler go to prison? Will Marie take the children? Will Walt kill the neo-Nazis? Will he, godammit, kill Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz? What will happen to Brock?

Here, NME writers give their theories about how the show will end. You can watch Arctic Monkeys speculate on the video below. Add yours in the comments.

Oh, there’s one more thing Gilligan said about his swan song. He’s “aiming for a ‘Casablanca’ ending”. Will it be Walter White walking off into the fog? We’ll have to wait and see, but if the finale’s anything like the series so far, it’ll be as important a cultural moment as the 1942 film.


David Renshaw
Basically, I only want one thing to happen in the next 75 minutes of Breaking Bad and that is for Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to make it out alive. We’ve seen him have his whole world taken apart one step at a time, the victim of being loyal to, and manipulated by, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) for the past five seasons. As the moral centre of the show, Pinkman has gone from the drop-out stoner who was not meant to surivive season one to a fan favourite and the only character who can conceivably start afresh and move on from the path of destruction behind him. With Hank dead, Walt dying and his family torn apart, Jesse is the last hope for some semblance of a happy ending. Unfortunately, avid viewers will know that Breaking Bad rarely ever gives you an easy fix solution.

Alan Woodhouse
Walt comes back to Albuquerque and seeks out Lydia, who is peddling his brand of blue meth. He puts the ricin in her tea and kills her, then goes after the Nazi gang. He kills most of them in a shoot-out but dies himself, and Jesse sees off Todd. Jesse is the only one who survives, although his life is ruined – he does have the money though, most of which he somehow makes sure gets to Walt’s family, Skyler having escaped prison.


Eve Barlow

1. Someone’s gonna get Ricin’d. But who? My money’s on Lydia. Mainly because she’s well annoying. Also, Vince Giligan has spent an inordinate amount of time focusing on how much tea she drinks. But she’s NEVER tried Ricin-flavoured tea. YUM.
2. Jesse will live. He has to. He is the antihero who has come full circle. He has been through SO MUCH shit, bitch. 3. Walt is either going to kill himself in that hut or he will die in order to save Jesse. But not before he infiltrates Grey Matter and introduces that couple to some of his Blue product – now there’s two people in desperate need of a good time.
4. Brock will avenge his mother’s death. He seems like a loser but he actually has 30 school friends, all of whom own Klobb guns and mow down all of Todd and Uncle Jack’s crew of hicks. In a bizarre turn of events Brock gets all Walt’s money.
5. Skylar goes down. The only man who could get Skylar off the hook now is Saul Goodman and he’s otherwise indisposed (running away) so Skylar gets LIFETIME IMPRISONMENT. Plus the kids now go to live with Aunt Marie – cos she couldn’t have kids and because she’s now alone in her purple house with her purple curtains and her purple serviettes.
6. Ted Beneke makes an appearance. Because why not? Ted is everyone’s favourite adultering businessman. Skylar probably should have run off with him when she had the chance.

Arctic Monkeys