How It Feels To Hurl A TV From A Great Height

When we heard that NME TV were throwing some analogue TV sets off Shoreditch Fire Station’s practice tower, we had to go along and investigate…

It turns out there’s quite a lot involved in smashing stuff. The shoot (which was for a print ad) involved two photographers, several assistants, one off-duty fireman watching us and a guy to sweep up. Then there was the lights, perspex screens, a hidden laptop set-up and, of course, the cameras. Fortunately, not a health and safety guy to be seen.

First up they did a few test runs with some cups that smashed quite nicely.

Then we pushed our luck and tried a Habitat mug. The thing was NOT breaking.

After that it was time to ascend the steps of the practice tower and dump some TVs over the edge.

The first few grey ones smashed pretty nicely

Then we tried our luck with a red one, a TV/VCR combo that turned out to be a tough guy.

The rest fell like dominos:

For this one, I hid at the bottom of the steps and just stuck an arm out to capture the impact. There’s a bit of waiting time left in at the start to ramp up the suspense. Try not to jump. At the end you can see the image we captured from that same TV.

By the end the guy was practically throwing them off the balcony.

The final ad:
NME TV ad Thanks to design agency Neighbour and of course Shoreditch Fire Station for letting us do it.