How Many Gigs Do You See Every Year?

It seems a bit hard to believe, but apparently the average music fan only goes to one and a half gigs a year.

While that figure seems ludicrously low, it’s about right according to Michael Rapino, the CEO of everyone’s favourite multinational Live Nation. It’s a ballpark figure corroborated by Songkick’s founder Ian Hogarth last month, who thinks the figure is more like one gig a year.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to one and half gigs in the last day, let alone week, month or year. It would have been more if I’d made it out the office to Razorlight’s comic busking session this afternoon.

What about you? How many gigs do you get to every year? Do you go to less than before, and if so why? Are prices too expensive? Are there less decent gigs to choose from? Do you get your fill at the festivals and skip gigs now?

Or are you one of the people that go to NO gigs a year? There must be some, to get us at that average. Let us know.