How To Dance Like Thom Yorke In The ‘Ingenue’ Video

Who knew Thom Yorke’s dancing would one day be a thing? The new video for ‘Ingenue’ is directed by the same team behind ‘Lotus Flower‘, the breakout of Yorke’s signature, wonky moves. Screw shuffling, twerking or the Harlem Shake – you’ve got a whole day to learn some new moves to whip out in the club on Friday night.

The “Lean Back”

Move over, Lloyd Banks, there’s a new baller in town. Yorke said recently in an interview that he practises over an hour of yoga a day which means he can probably work this move right back to a limbo-winning curve. Just pretend you’re Moses parting the Red Sea.

The “You Da Man!”

Position fingers as if you’re shooting an imaginary pistol above your coolest friend’s head, perhaps when he comes back from the bar with your WKD. There’ll be no doubt he da man.

The “Weeping Crow”

Here’s a good game for Friday night. Pretend you’re a sitting foetus crying a river in the middle of the dancefloor and then, at the break, leap up like a 21st Century Isadora Duncan. Yolo.

The “Boy At A Wedding”

Everyone knows this boy. You probably were this boy. After ten Fantas, something happens to the male species under 12 at a wedding. As long as there’s a sun and there’s a moon, they will hit the dancefloor and zoom around pretending to be aeroplanes.

The “Slow Reveal”

Hard to perfect, but not impossible. Just make sure you whip off your jacket at an optimum musical moment and practise at home first so you don’t get tangled up in the sleeves.

The “Cheeky Header”

The Cheeky Header is a bold move and one to avoid unless you’re around people who will definitely dig it. Best kept to girlfriends or long-suffering buddies.

The “Superglue Shimmy”

The ‘Shimmy is an easy and entertaining move to get right phyically, but your face has work to do. Your friends must really believe you’ve stuck your mitts together.