How To Get Your Band In NME

Yesterday we warned new bands against getting ripped off by dodgy cash-for-press scams.

Here’s a far better way to get our attention: turn up outside our offices on the back of a bloody great truck and play very loudly until we come down and talk to you.

This confident bunch, we soon discovered, are called Headspace – and, kicking off at lunchtime, they managed to play a 20-minute set without getting moved on by police (one of them apparently got here at 7am to scope the place out: that’s dedication).

Here’s the view from our office on the fourth floor.

When we went down to chat to the trio, we asked whether playing on a busy south London street in persistent drizzle was really the best way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. But singer/bassist Ross claimed the risk of injury from their instruments getting rained on was worth it.

“We don’t mind,” he said. “Any sort of publicity we got even if it involved electrocution, getting arrested, would be worth it. We decided to do something drastic, get someone’s attention.”

Job done, in that case. But are they any good? The group were there promoting their new single ‘Lay Low’ – judge for yourself whether their music was worth the publicity stunt by checking out their Myspace.

Here’s a video they made of their day: