How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse By Slaves, Bring Me The Horizon, Charli XCX And More

A measure of a person usually arrives in a crisis. You get to truly understand their rationale, how they cope with pressure and their ability and will to survive. And what better time there is to understand all these traits during a terrifying, gruesome zombie apocalypse. If the new Walking Dead episodes have got you trying to decide which band or artist you would want on your side when the inevitable arrives – take a peek at this…



So Slaves are going to have each others backs “like salt and pepper, yin and yang or chalk and cheese”. We expected a bit of bromance-camaraderie (being a duo and all) so we think they might be alright. Charli XCX has quite clearly thought about this before – she’s going to be on the second floor of an apartment and stocked up with nibbles and gasoline to see out the living dead return. Rat Boy however is taking a more fantastical approach and taking his cues from Hollywood when making his plans, “I think from the movies, they can’t climb” he explains, revealing that he’ll probably to wait it out in the loft like the brave warrior we expected him to be.

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Bring Me The Horizon, Krept and Konan and Foals all gave their game plans to us at the NME Awards with Austin, Texas last week and you can see them too in the video. Us? Well as long as we’ve got our record collection and some Wi-Fi we’ll be alright. Oh and a shotgun. Because you know, zombies.


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