How You Can Help Labels Affected By PIAS Fire

NB – this is a live blog and will be updated across the week. Please comment with any pertinent updates.

The fallout from Monday’s PIAS / Sony warehouse fire continues apace as indie labels try to piece together how much they’ve lost, how badly they’re affected, and how – if at all – they can continue.

Here’s the background to the story, with some info on how it affects labels, musicians, and record stores, and a news feed for all the latest events. This post, meanwhile, offers some ways you can all help out. Keep checking back as we add new updates.

Sony PIAS fire

Get involved with LabelLove
A new website established with one aim – “to try and rally the music industry, both on the artist and the audience sides, and see if we can raise some money to see those affected through the tough times ahead” – which you can find out more on through their site and Twitter account. LabelLove’s Dan Salter told the Guardian that they’re “going to concentrate on trying to organise a series of live events to help this cause” so head to the LabelLove website to keep up to date with the latest fundraising efforts.
You can also donate cash through LabelLove’s Paypal account and email to find out how you can help out with fundraisers or hold your own.

Attend the benefit gigs
We’ll be reporting on these as and when they’re announced, so keep an eye on the news feed and join us there when they happen.

Update – Paint It Black have announced the first benefit gig, this Saturday (Aug 13th) at Old Blue Last, featuring Ghosting Season, Cloud Boat and Plants Plants. Free entry but a donation will be requested on the night. Details here.

Sony PIAS Fire

Buy music
It’s a simple as that. If nothing else, get out there to buy some tunes. The Quietus has put together a list of 20 excellent albums that you won’t regret shelling out on, from Bo Ningen to the beautiful Sarabeth Tucek via Mogwai’s first album (proper) ‘Young Team’. If there was a time to take a plunge on some records, now would be it. The site has links to buy digitally, although numerous shops and industry figures are urging fans to go buy physical product in actual shops. Either way, dig deep.

The Association of Independent Music put out a statement this week: “Buy a digital download of an album from any one of the digital retailers in the UK, as well as going to their local record store while stocks last,” they said. “This way, the labels will be able to remanufacture their CDs and vinyl more quickly, to resupply the record shops who are also affected by the riots.”

Ben from Wichita has also compiled a decent list of recommended albums right here.

Adrian Mules at @adge_uk is putting out a compilation album featuring affected labels so keep an eye on his account.

Even Apple are helping out; they’ve created a special iTunes page full of PIAS-distributed artists. However, Rough Trade just tweeted: “We have PLENTY of Pias stock in store as do all indies around the UK, dont go to itunes shop local!”

Nialler 9 has an A-Z of links to buy PIAS-affiliated product too.

Stay up to date
Follow these Twitter accounts for the latest info: @nmemagazine, @_label_love_, @fionchadd, @adge_uk, @laurenlaverne, piasrecordings, @roughtradeshops.

Update@RecordLabelLove is a new account planning “A series of activities to help the PIAS-distributed independent record labels affected by the fire”.

A reminder of some of the devastation (sourced from Pitchfork):
Fat Cat: “The likelihood is that all of FatCat’s stock housed at the warehouse is lost.”
Sonic Cathedral: “Anything up to 5,000 vinyls lost, none of which can be replaced”.
Angular: “We have lost EVERYTHING. All of our cds and records, all of our stock is gone. Entire back catalogues will never be the same again.”
Beggars Group: (Matador, XL, Rough Trade, 4AD, True Panther, Young Turks, Too Pure): Lost their entire UK stock (750,000 copies) to the fire.
Domino: Lost “a large quantity” of its CD and vinyl stock.
Thrill Jockey: “Estimates wholesale losses of £189,000, with anywhere from ten to a hundred copies of each of the label’s 280 back-catalog titles destroyed.”

A list of all the labels affected

‘Labels Will Go Under’ – How The Sony/PIAS Fire Affects The Music Industry

Update 2pm Thursday – a statement from PIAS and AIM:

“[PIAS] have worked in conjunction with AIM (Association of Independent Music) to create a fund that companies and organisers of initiatives can contribute to. In this way, we have created a vehicle for enabling those involved to do so safe in the knowledge that such monies will be distributed fairly amongst the most needy labels with the sanction of both [PIAS] and AIM.

Kenny Gates, Co-Founder and CEO, [PIAS] says ‘The fund that is being put together in a matter of hours by [PIAS] and AIM demonstrates once again the strength and solidarity in the independent music community. [PIAS] will carry on engaging, helping and supporting its labels and artists in every way possible. I am very confident that our combined efforts will result in the smallest interruption to our collective business. Again the compassion of our recording artists, our labels and the industry wide support is amazing’.”

Update 4pm Thursday – details of PIAS / AIM’s joint fund:
Anyone wishing to donate direct to the fund can use the Paypal account at AIM’s website or transfer direct.

Account Number: 07699611
Sort Code – 18 00 02 – Add any special references

Swift code – coutgb22
Iban – GB91COUT 18000207699611