Howling Bells Session and Interview!

So, after their triumphant gig for NME Radio at the weekend, Today was the time to broadcast the exclusive session and interview that Howling Bells did for the JD Set.
Juanita and Brendan from the band discussed where the title of the album “Radio Wars” comes from (fighting over who plays what on the car stereo, apparently!) They also chatted about how the album took quite some time to record (it all happened over the course of three years) leaving them frustrated at times – but they channeled that frustration back into their songwriting, and the album emerged much stronger because of it.

They also revelead that they’ve already got sixteen tracks lined up for the NEXT Howling Bells album, including some tracks which didn’t make the cut this time round!
Plenty of other JD Set stuff happening in my show this week, including the last chances to blag tickets – you’ve got until Thursday, so get going! We’ve also got Owen from General Fiasco coming in on the Forum tomorrow from 4, then on Thursday you can hear a Top 5 from the Curator of this year’s JD Set gigs, the one and only Don Letts. Don has done some amazing things in his career, from being the first-ever Punk Rock DJ at legendary Punk venue The Roxy, to managing The Slits, to being in 80’s heroes Big Audio Dynamite – he’s done it all. His Top 5 should be very interesting indeed, you can hear it on my show, Thursday from 5pm!