Have you played HQ, the game show that’s straight out of ‘Black Mirror?’

HQ is the biggest gameshow you’ve probably never heard of. It’s not on TV and your Gran probably doesn’t play along with this one – but just last night, over 800k people tuned in to play the game via the smartphone app. Oh, and you can stand to win a share of a prize fund that can fluctuate between $2,500 and $10,000 smackeroonies. You need to get on this.

The app launched in the US last year, and recently allowed UK users to play along too. It presents a straightforward trivia quiz twice a day, at 8pm and 2am, with question topics ranging from general knowledge to entertainment. There are 12 multiple choice questions and you’ve got to get all of them correct to bag a share of the prize money. Gotta be quick, though, as each question has a 10-second countdown and if you get one wrong, you’re out. Pretty simple really. 



The part that makes it feel all Black Mirror is there’s a live host there, interacting with the people commenting and complimenting the right answers. The host, internet prankster Scott Rogowsky, is both a welcoming and haunting character – but you become acutely aware that you may just be a part of a big social experiment. This is our 15 Million Merits, isn’t it?


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