Hype Williams – Fear & Loathing In East London

Hype Williams, the band, is named after the film maker responsible for Belly. Starring rappers Nas and DMX, it was a hyper-stylised, Nihilist mess and this London duo borrow its finer traits, its strut and loathing. From beneath a medicated haze they lace twanging Americana with seams of swaggering dread. They are Bobby Peru made music.

Hype Williams

On their song ‘Karen Hates The Forest’, they take a swipe at the avant-garde prattle of bands who indulge in ‘mystical shit.’ “It’s got too much reverb and noise,” says Roy Nnawuchi. “I can’t talk dirty to my clients over the clink and clank of magic and rainbows.” And what else does Karen hate? “Goats and Harlem Hospital, since you asked.”

You can download ‘Karen Hates The Forest’ and more from Hype Williams at Pinglewood.

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