I Am In Love, ‘Call Me An Animal’ – Free MP3

They’ve got the awkward dance moves of Johnny Pierce of The Drums (and the same oddly-cropped fringe to match), the ’80s synthpop of Depeche Mode and the dark twang of The Cure. Their name might be annoying as hell to try to Google, but it’s quite worth it when you end up stumbling upon something like this.

Check out the new single from the London-via-Leicester four-piece I Am In Love. It’s titled ‘Call Me An Animal’, and it features the line “I’m a shark, I’m a lion, I’m a bear, I’m a python“. So, maybe he can’t decide which animal he is, but I’m quite enjoying listening to him try to figure it out.


Click here to download the song on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Their EP, also titled ‘Call Me An Animal’, is set for release through Robot Needs Home Records on November 21st.