“I kicked some girl in the face by accident”: Father John Misty On Appearing In Lana Del Rey’s ‘Freak’ Video

Father John Misty appears in Lana Del Rey’s video for ‘Freak’, which hit the internet yesterday. The track, a swooning pop song about California and doomed love, is taken from her 2015 album Honeymoon, while the 10-minute video sees the Father dance with Lana on the beach, drop acid and bob about underwater with a bunch of women dressed in white. We had a quick chat with Father John, and here’s what we learned about the video.

FJM AND LDR have been friends for time


“She came to a show of mine in LA around Born To Die, in 2012, and everyone in my band at the time was obsessed with her. She was kind of mythical at the time that I met her, she was looming so large in the public eye. I don’t know where she heard my music, but she came to a show and we sort of became friends.”

The video was meant to be “for something else”

“I filmed the ‘Freak’ video two years ago. It was supposed to be the video for something else. She put me up in the [posh Hollywood hotel] Chateau Marmont for a week and said: ‘You’ll get groped by a bunch of babes – underwater’. I was like: ‘Too easy’. My underwater groping days are over now – I mean, they still happen, but not with random video babes.”

The brief was quite specific

“She wanted me to play a cult leader in the video, with a bunch of a women.”

Acting is tougher underwater than on dry land


“The thing I remember most about the video is how difficult acting underwater is. I had to do stuff underwater at one point, and I kicked some girl in the face by accident. It was horrible. I felt like such a loser.”