Ian Curtis Remembered – Share Your Memories

In a way it seems odd to be still talking about Joy Division. They’ve almost drifted into that place of unknowable myth; a series of memories, documentaries, films and portraits that are sealed in amber, never to be really known by a younger generation.

Today marks the 31st anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death, but why should we care?

Ian Curtis

Well, strip away all the histrionics and we’re left with a catalogue of songs which excite and chill in equal measure.

I was shocked, when as a life-long member of ‘Team New Order’, I happened upon ‘The Best Of Joy Division’- a compilation released years after they split – and I couldn’t stop listening to it. I finally understood the devotion, the cult that was always bigger and better than the tragedy that befell them. Musically, Joy Division seemed to live in an eternal winter, a unique ice age of their own creation which resonates with a unique splendor like anything else that came before or after it. I couldn’t believe that I’d spent so long missing out on them.

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Plus watch Peter Hook talking about his memories of his former bandmate and leave your own Ian Curtis memories below.