If Bands Made Breakfast Cereals

Last week we revealed that Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess had teamed up with Kellogg’s to launch his own breakfast cereal, Totes Amazeballs. Why the hell not, eh? The guy wrote ‘One To Another’, he can do no wrong in my eyes. But what if other musicians were to follow his lead? The results might look a bit like this.

Dizzee Ricicles
What better way to fix up, look sharp first thing in the morning?
Bands as cereal

Damon All-Bran
No distance left to run? A bowl of this should perk you up.
Bands as cereal

Iggy Pop Tarts
He’s a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm. And a belly full of revolting breakfast.
Bands as cereal

Golden Graham Coxons
Every day should begin with coffee and TV. And cereal.
Bands as cereal

Now with added pomp-rock bombast.
Bands as cereal

Lily Alpen
How does it taste? Alright, still.
Bands as cereal

The Porridgy
Muesli for the jilted generation, anyone?
Bands as cereal

Sugar Pulps
You’re advised not to sprinkle with either E’s or whizz.
Bands as cereal

Yoko Pops
Be careful not to store Yoko Pops alongside other cereal boxes – it might cause them to split.
Bands as cereal

Photoshopping by Jo Weakley. Hat tip to everyone who Tweeted on our #bandsasbreakfast hashtag the other day