Iggy Pop is celebrating Halloween with his pet cockatoo Biggy Pop

Bird is the word

Rock and roll history is littered with famous power couples. John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Jay Z and Beyoncé. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

New to that list is veteran rocker Iggy Pop and his incredible cockatoo, Biggy Pop.

The legendary rocker has quietly set up an entire Instagram account dedicated to his feathered friend. In the latest update, Iggy and Biggy wish everyone the most wholesome Halloween of all time.


Just get a load of this masterpiece…

Just like yer da when he discovered the special effects section on his computer’s movie editor, the spooky compilation features some well-placed roar effects, a bit of time lapse for good measure, an appearance from a Chucky doll, and  a soundtrack courtesy of Tijuana Panthers’ track ‘Creature’

It also features Biggy being an absolute legend. Flinging around plastic bats to entertain Iggy Pop? Bopping up and down like he’s at a Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever show? Literally showing no fear or hesitation in pecking at the straw-like hair of horror’s most terrifying animated doll? No wonder Iggy’s best mate has got his own Insta.

A bird of good taste, Biggy’s also a big Curtis Mayfield fan…


The pair are also partial to a bit of Blues icon Howlin’ Wolf

It turns out Biggy can also dance and sing…

In fact, there’s very little that Biggy won’t do. Apart from wearing a Viking helmet, as demonstrated last Halloween

Iggy Pop hinting last full-length record was 2016’s ‘Post Pop Depression’, and he previously hinted that it might be his final album. Given that collaboration seems to be his bag – after working with Josh Homme on that album, he teamed up with Underworld this year for the ‘Teatime Dub Encounters’ EP – maybe a superband with Biggy Pop is next on the agenda.

Watch this space.

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