“I’ll piss on your wall”: these protestors made their feelings clear about Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

Marches took place all around the world.

Last night saw protests around the world, as activists gathered to express their outrage at slippery shitbag Donald Trump’s decision to ban people from seven Muslim majority countries from entering America. He has also attempted to deport people from said countries, even if they hold valid Visas. In the masses outside No.10 Downing Street in London, the likes of Lily Allen, The 1975’s Matty Healy, Slaves’ Isaac Holman, Bastille’s Dan Smith and //Match of the Day// presenter Gary Lineker voiced their anger at Donald Trump’s new executive order – and at the UK inviting him for a state visit.

Signs called on UK Prime Minister Theresa May to #BanTrump; others didn’t mince their words, calling the leader of the free world the “ultimate fuckboy.” And while Lily and co. did their bit in London, similar scenes could be found in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Newcastle, Sheffield, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Gloucester, Leeds, York, Liverpool and Leicester. Some of the signs were funny, others thought-provoking and angry. One dog was spotted with a sign bearing the message, “I’ll piss on your wall”, which pretty much summed up the mood.

There was clever word play

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This protester could not be any clearer

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Let’s get this trending guys

Trump’s own stupid slogan was used against him

This girl got straight to the point

The real take-home message #protest #resisthate #nomuslimban #illegitimatepresident #dumptrump #standuptotrump

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Isaac from Slaves turned up

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He said: “Yesterday’s protest gave us the opportunity to display our discontent and stand in solidarity with our brothers & sisters across the pond. Just because [Theresa May] isn’t speaking out it doesn’t mean we can’t. It was inspirational.”

So did all these guys

 We hope this made JME proud

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#London #protest #nomuslimban #protesters #uk #dumptrump #powertothepeople #impeachtheorange

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Donald Trump has the whole world in his tiny hands

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Paws for thought

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Actor Will Poulter was just one of the famouses who made his voice heard

This kid’s a legend

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A retro sign

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“Demand better”

"It wouldn't be our policy" is not a good enough response to one of our closest allies turning away refugees and targeting muslims. Demand better. President Trump's invite to a state visit in the UK should be retracted. Everyone who was so keen to talk about the importance of "British values" around election time where are you now? This man does not represent British values and should not be welcome in our country. The world is looking to powerful counties like ours to set a precedent so lets set the right one. Sign the petition against Trumps state visit & speak up if you disagree with whats happening – silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor. 📷 @veneetie #teresatheappeaser #nomuslimban #notmypresident #trump #nowallnoban #resist #protest

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Good work, everyone

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