Impatient Bastille Fans Have No Idea What Their Mysterious Tweet Means

It’s been three years since Bastille’s debut album ‘Bad Blood’ was released, hit number one, and spawned a series of hit singles including ‘Pompeii’ and ‘Of The Night’. They’ve been touring almost solidly since, and a few of their new songs have popped up out and about – including ‘The Currents’, which received its live debut at Snowbombing Festival in Austria. But news of a new album has been kept to a minimum. Even the two-minute video they shared in February didn’t have much in the way of detail.

Yesterday (June 1) they shared a new image teasing an announcement to be made today, along with the letters ‘WWCOMMS’. See it below:

They’ve since announced what looks like a single to be released tonight at 6pm: ‘Are You Afraid Of Heights’:

But that ‘WWCOMMS’ logo is still taunting fans, who have absolutely no idea what it means, and reactions have been mixed. Some are impatient:

Some are merely confused:

Others have put themselves up to the difficult task of guessing what the image could mean. Is WWCOMMS a reference to the Dutch satellite company of the same name?

Is it maybe something to do with this drum & bass label, which has the same logo?

There are even more random guesses out there than this:

Some kind of announcement will be going up today, so fans’ best bet is probably just to see what happens. In the meantime, though, here’s one of the new songs from LP2: