In Utero: Say Hello To The World’s First Vaginal Soundsystem. No, Really

What’s your favourite way to listen to music? On headphones during a scenic train trip through the English countryside? Blaring out of a massive, rattling soundsystem? Deep in the middle of the dancefloor, flooding out of a state of the art PA?

Or from a speaker wedged up your fanny?

Thanks to a new MP3 player attachment, that final option is now a very attainable reality. We present you with Babypod, a tiny speaker which woman can insert like a techno tampon, so that their unborn foetus can listen to tunes months before they’re born and can discover 6Music all on their own.

Designed by Institut Marquez – an obstetrics company based in Barcelona – the gyne-gadget has come into being after their research suggested that foetuses responded better to music played internally, opening their mouths and sticking out their tongues, after all but ignoring tunes played from outside the womb. Must have been an interesting week in the laboratory.

Deciding to capitalise on their research, you can now purchase a Babypod for just under £90. Which only makes us wonder about what would be the best first album for baby? We’re going with Nirvana’s In Utero. Or anything by Hole. Or The Slits…